Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Fluidshield N95 Mask

The Halyard Health Fluidshield N95 Filter Respirator are NIOSH-approved and are designed to provide an effective facial fit as required for proper respiratory protection. Soft inner lining and 100% natural rubber latex-free.
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Child’s Face Mask

The Halyard Health Child’s Face Mask is recommended for use by children. With colourful Disney® characters on the mask, this is the first face mask designed specifically to fit small faces. Not made with natural rubber latex.
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Collatamp G

Collatamp G is a fully resorbable, gentamicin-collagen hemostat (RGCH) for surgical implant. It is based on Innocoll’s proprietary collagen sponge technology, which is designed for site-specific delivery of pharmaceuticals. The implant is a leave-behind biodegradable collagen matrix impregnated with the broad-spectrum antibiotic gentamicin, which is indicated for the treatment and prevention of post-surgical acquired infection.

Easily implanted during orthopedic, abdominal, cardiac, plastic or vascular surgery, it provides hemostasis and delivers a high concentration of gentamicin directly to target tissue—providing highly concentrated and localized antibiotic action while maintaining systemic levels well below the toxicity threshold.

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HaemoCer is an Absorbable Polysaccharide Haemostat (APH)  created using BioCer’s Polysaccharide Ultra-hydrophilic Resorbable Engineering (PURE) process in Germany. HaemoCer™ APH incorporates a sophisticated, plant-based polymer crosslinking that creates ultra-hydrophilic, biocompatible particles.

Upon contact with blood HaemoCer™ enhances the natural clotting cascade by rapidly dehydrating the blood and accelerating the concentration of platelets, red blood cells and coagulation proteins at the bleeding site.

Rapid acting, safe and easy to use –  dehydrates blood and forms a gel matrix barrier over the bleeding site. Reabsorbed within 48 hours

Haemocer is indicated for use in surgical procedures, providing effective haemostasis with excellent safety and handling properties

Clinical Videos on Haemocer


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