SUPERKrill2® contains 500 mg of Antarctic Krill Oil from the pristine waters of Antarctica that is specially formulated with enhanced the absorption to give the  maximum benefits as compared to ordinary fish oil capsules. SUPERKrill2® is an improved formulation with reduced fishy smell and taste compared to ordinary fish oil and other sources of Krill oil. 

Each SUPERKrill2® capsule contains 4 powerful ingredients: Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Phospholipids , Choline and Astaxanthin.

Together, they bring about the following benefits:

– Promotes Heart Health
– Relieves symptoms of Joint Pain
– Promotes healthy Cognitive and Memory Function

Other interesting facts:
Eco-harvesting technology is employed for obtaining the Krill oil that is used in our SUPERKrill2®
. This  ensures long term sustainability of the Krill Biomass in the Antarctica. Thus you can enjoy the health benefit of the product and at the same time protect the ecosystem.

 Note: Note suitable for vegetarians