RemeCur™ contains 500 mg of Bio-active Curcumin that is specially formulated with a patented technology to attain unprecedented absorption.

Natural unformulated Curcumin powder, due to its water repelling (hydrophobic) nature, is not easily absorbed into the body i.e. very little of the active ingredient gets to our blood to reach our body tissues that need them.

RemeCur™  contains Bioactive form of Curcumin that can be 10x more readily absorbed than natural Curcumin and at least 5-6x more readily absorbed than other modified preparations of Curcumin.

RemeCur™ brings about the following benefits:

– Reduces symptoms of Joint Pain in aging or arthritic joints.

– Some studies suggest that Curcumin/ curcuminoids can be beneficial for conditions in which inflammation is an important underlying cause such as metabolic syndrome.

Other interesting facts:

Turmeric has been used in India for thousands of years as a spice and a medicinal herb. Turmeric powder itself contains only 2-5% Curcumin, the active substance that contribute to the beneficial effects of turmeric. RemeCur™ presents a concentrated formula of Bioactive curcumin in its complete natural turmeric matrix.

Note: Suitable for vegetarians.