Corporate Profile

Our journey started in February 2000 with the founding of Novem Healthcare Private Limited by our Managing Director, Mr Albert Ng, a Pharmacist by training.
Based on a simple vision of providing accessible, innovative and quality evidence based healthcare solutions to patients, while building upon an ethos of commitment, sincerity and determination to meet our partners’ and customers’ needs, Novem has established itself as a reliable and trusted partner in Singapore’s healthcare community.
We keep ourselves abreast in the latest research developments in order to provide innovative healthcare solutions to our customers, with a focus on supplying excellent products and services. To achieve this, we work with like-minded partners who are dedicated to uphold the philosophy of providing high quality and innovative healthcare products for the improvement of health.
With our 20years of experience and expertise in distribution, regulatory, sales and marketing of healthcare products built over the years, Novem is an excellent partner to work with, whether you are a manufacturer, clinician or a medical institution because we can provide you the solutions under one roof.
At Novem, we strive to provide, support, enable and improve the quality of lives as we actively pursue excellence through innovative healthcare solutions for everyone.