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RemeCur caps


RemeCur™contains 500 mg of Bio-active Curcumin that is specially formulated with a patented technology to attain unprecedented absorption.

Natural unformulated Curcumin powder, due to its water repelling (hydrophobic) nature, is not easily absorbed into the body i.e. very little of the active ingredient gets to our blood to reach our body tissues that need them.

RemeCur™  contains a special bioactive form of Curcumin that can be 10x more readily absorbed than natural Curcumin and at least 5-6x more readily absorbed than other modified preparations of Curcumin.

Why is RemeCur™ good for you? 

RemeCur™ (Curcumin/curcuminoids) has natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help in the following:-

- Improves inflammatory conditions
- Reduces symptoms of Joint Pain in aging or arthritic joints (Proven in some clinical trials to promote joint health, reduce pain scores and levels of inflammatory markers.)
- Some studies suggest due to its modulation of inflammation, Curcumin/ curcuminoids can be beneficial for conditions in which inflammation is an important underlying cause. It can be taken to support healthy gut and neurological system, as well as improve the health of people with metabolic conditions such as obesity and diabetes, possibly by lowering body fat content.


Other interesting facts:

Turmeric has been used in India for thousands of years as a spice and a medicinal herb. Turmeric powder itself contains only 2-5% Curcumin, the active substance that contribute to the beneficial effects of turmeric. RemeCur™ presents a concentrated formula of bioactive curcumin in its complete natural turmeric matrix.

How to take? 

Take 1 capsule once daily afer meal. Or consult your doctor to know the appropriate dosagevsuitable for your conditon.

Who should not take RemeCur™ ? 

Pregnant and breasteeding women
Hypersensitvity to turmeric or curcumin.

Available as:-

Bio-active Curcumin 500 mg
Pack of 30 capsules
Suitable for vegetarian
Made in Slovenia


Ask your doctors today about Novem’s RemeCur™



Bio-Vitamin D3

Small pearls with 25 µg (1000 IU) of vitamin D3 in cold pressed olive oil. Ensures good bioavailability as vitamin D is fat soluble. The gelatine is halal and kosher certified.


PUBLISHED JUL 28, 2016, The Straits Times

Vitamin D levels linked to cognitive function: Study

Duke-NUS researchers find that low levels signal cognitive impairment in elderly Chinese people


Orthotect (Glucosamine HCl)

Healthy Joints for a Happy Life!

Orthotect contains glucosamine hydrochloride 1500 mg in 2 tablets, giving a higher content of active glucosamine per tablet that you need for a healthy joint.

It contains no sodium salt, in contrast with other products on the market. It is therefore very suitable for patients who required lower salt intake.

It is specially formulated to delivery more glucosamine so that you only need to take it once a day!  

Product details:

  • Each taplet contains 750mg Glucosamine HCl
  • 60 taplets/bottle.
  • Take 1-2 tablets every morning.
  • It can be purchased from your family doctor and is also available in hospital pharmacies.

If you are not sure where to get this product, call/drop us a note and we will guide you to the nearest clinic/pharmacy where it is available.



HaemoCer is an Absorbable Polysaccharide Haemostat (APH)  created using BioCer’s Polysaccharide Ultra-hydrophilic Resorbable Engineering (PURE) process in Germany. HaemoCer™ APH incorporates a sophisticated, plant-based polymer crosslinking that creates ultra-hydrophilic, biocompatible particles.

Upon contact with blood HaemoCer™ enhances the natural clotting cascade by rapidly dehydrating the blood and accelerating the concentration of platelets, red blood cells and coagulation proteins at the bleeding site.

Rapid acting, safe and easy to use –  dehydrates blood and forms a gel matrix barrier over the bleeding site. Reabsorbed within 48 hours

Haemocer is indicated for use in surgical procedures, providing effective haemostasis with excellent safety and handling properties

Clinical Videos on Haemocer


Disclaimer: Clinical videos are intended for the reference of healthcare professionals only. The vidoes may contain procedures that may make general public feel uncomfortable. These links to the manufacturer’s sites are provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only. Novem Healthcare Pte Ltd bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the external site or for that of subsequent links.

Product Image with ingredients

ZNIQUE Acne Serum

Znique™ Acne Serum is a unique acne serum tailor-made from a combination of NATURAL INGREDIENTS for enhanced efficacy. Each natural ingredient is specifically selected for their innate properties that contributes to the reduction of Acne. 

♠ Calms inflammation

♠  Soothes irritated skin

♠  Reduces redness

Znique™ Acne Serum does not contain any of the typical acne ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid and/or Sulphur, which are known to be drying to skin. 


Why choose Znique ? 

♥ Natural Fragrance

♥ Works below make-up

♥ Suitable for all skin types

♥ All-In-One Solution

♥ Non-comedogenic

♥ Not tested on animals


Other interesting facts:

Znique™ Acne Serum has been tested in studies to demonstrate its action in reducing P.Acnes bacteria growth, obtaining a high patient satisfaction score and also improve visual appearance of acne.

dermatest guarantee

Show me the result! 


Tell me more!

Visit our ZNIQUE website for more details!

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PharmaNord Bio Series

 Bio-quinone-Q10-Gold-100mg Bio-Quinone Q10 Gold 100mgBio-Quinone Q10 Gold consists of soft gelatin capsules with 100 mg of Q10 in the form of active ubiquinone dissolved in vegetable oil. The capsules are also light sealed.
 Super-Bio-Quinone-Q10-30mg Super Bio-Quinone Q10 30mgBio-Quinone Q10 was launched in 1990 and was one of the first Q10 preparations on the European market. The soft light-proof gelatin capsules each contain 30 mg coenzyme Q10 dissolved in vegetable oil. The active compound has extremely good bio-availability due to the fact that the oil matrix in which it is contained has been submitted to a special type of heating that enables the Q10 crystals to dissolve completely.
 Bio-vitaminD3 Bio-Vitamin D3

Small pearls with 25 µg (1000 IU) of vitamin D3 in cold pressed olive oil. Ensures good bioavailability as vitamin D is fat soluble. The gelatine is halal and kosher certified.

PUBLISHED JUL 28, 2016, The Straits Times

Vitamin D levels linked to cognitive function: Study

Duke-NUS researchers find that low levels signal cognitive impairment in elderly Chinese people

 Bio-magnesium Bio-Magnesium

Bio-Magnesium is a complex of three different magnesium salts. Each tablet provides you with 200 mg of pure magnesium. The tablet contains a mixture of organically and inorganically bound magnesium contained in a matrix that causes the tablet to dissolve completely within a few minutes.



Pharmaceuticals Novem Singapore

Novem Generics

Novem have our own brand of generics that are manufactured mostly in Europe.

Atorvon film-coated tablets: Atorvastatin 10mg and 20mg tablets
Cefevon for Injection: Cefepime powder for solution for infusion 2g/vial
Letrozole Mevon Tablets: Letrozole 2.5mg tablets
A-Losartan Tablets:  Losartan 50mg and 100mg tablets
Losartan+HCT Mevon Tablets: Losartan + Hydrochlorothiazide 50/12.5mg and 100/25mg tabs
Montelukast Mevon Tablets:  Montelukast 4mg chewable tablet and 10mg film-coated tabs
Risperidone Mevon Tablets Risperidone 1mg and 2mg tablets

In addition, we also distribute a wide range of generic pharmaceuticals from established manufacturers, bringing high quality medications at affordable prices to our community.

Presinex (Desmopressin 10mcg/dose) Nasal Spray
Piperacillin-Tazobactam Stragen For Injection 4.5g/vial
Imipenem + Cilastatin Mevon Powder for Solution for Injection 500 mg + 500 mg
Azithromycin Mevon Powder For Solution For Infusion 500 mg/vial
Cloxacillin Stragen Powder For Solution For Injection 500 mg/Vial
Lavudin (Lamivudin) Standard Film Coated Tablet 100 mg
Amxol (Ambroxol HC) Tablets 30 mg
Celenid (Cinnarizine) Tablet 25 mg
Ovinum (Clomiphene Citrate) Tablet 50 mg

*Not all product will be available in the market. Some products are only available for hospital supply. 


Biolab Products

Biolab products is a range of generic pharmaceuticals manufactured by BIOLAB CO. LTD,
Thailand. This range of product includes

Amxol Syrup (Ambroxol 30mg/5ml)
Amxol Tablets (Ambroxol 30mg)
Ovinum Tablets (Clomiphene Citrate 50mg)
Celenid Tablets (Cinnarizine 25mg)
Cotren Vaginal Tablets (Clotrimazole 500mg)
Flanil Analgesic Cream (Methyl Salicylate, Menthol,Eugenol) and are commonly used by GP clinics in Singapore.


BioXtra (Xerostomia)

What happens when you have Dry Mouth?

1 in 4 adults suffer the effects of a dry mouth.

Lack of saliva

The importance of saliva is little understood and therefore often underestimated. When, however, a lack of saliva arises, it becomes more and more clear how important saliva is in keeping the mouth healthy and what influence it has on the quality of life.

Symptoms of dry mouth

Dry Mouth (xerostomia) can cause the following complaints:

  • Problems with chewing, swallowing and talking
  • Bad breath
  • Cracked mouth corners
  • Dry, chapped lips
  • Altered taste
  • Interrupted sleep due to thirst
  • Irritated gums

Apart from the discomfort and inconvenience Dry Mouth will inevitably lead to a series of dental problems, such as:

  • Burning feeling of the gums and on the tongue
  • Dental plaque accumulation
  • Enhanced risk of cavities
  • Enhanced risk of dental erosion
  • Enhanced risk of inflammation of the gums
  • Ill fitting dentures


bioXtra DRY MOUTH products help ease the symptoms and effects of Dry Mouth (xerostomia). They contain natural enzymes ( Lactoperoxidase, Glucose oxidase, Lysozyme), Lactoferrin, Colostrum whey extract, Moisturisers, Fluoride (except for the Oral Gel) and Xylitol.

Mild toothpaste for sensitive mouth
bioXtra Mild Toothpaste 50ml
For a fresh refreshing breath
bioXtra Mouthrinse 250ml
Gel-For long lasting action
bioXtra Oral Gel 40ml
For added convenience day and night
bioXtra Oral Spray 50ml


Bioxtra Range Singapore-How to use

bioXtra provide a complete solution to your dry mouth problems. You can use it after your operation when you are unable get down from bed, as well as for managing dry mouth symptoms caused by medications, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.


I have a question…….

Read more about Dry mouth




SelenoPrecise, Pharma Nord’s patented selenium yeast, contains selenomethionine and over 30 other organically bound selenium compounds. The preparation is unique in the sense that it is able to document a very high level of bio-availability and a stable quality.