Guardix SG

Guardix SG Adhesion Barrier is a sterile, transparent, colorless adhesion barrier, formulated as a thermosensitive gel that remains as a solution at room temp  but turns to viscous gel on contact with body temperature. 

When applied to sites of potentially adhesiogenic tissue and organ structures, it serves as a temporary biodegradable mechanical barrier separating opposing tissue surfaces while the normal tissue repair process takes place.  Guardix SG is indicated as an adjunct in spine and thyroid surgeries.,  to reduce the incidence, extent and severity of postoperative adhesions at the surgical site. 

It is bioresorbable and is slowly resorbed within 14 days and  totally excreted in less than 28 days. Guardix-Sol Adhesion Barrier has been designed to meet the needs of all surgeons for a SAFE, EFFECTIVE and EASY TO USE Adhesion Barrier.

Guardix SG is available as 3g and 6g presentations

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